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Age:26, Young
Spoken languages:Chinese
Specifics:Small audience
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幸运大抽奖 Lucky Draw 60
一号舞蹈:Dance number one 5
三号舞蹈:Dance number three 5
四号舞蹈:Dance number four 5
团体舞蹈:Group dance 5
主持人出境:Host leaving the country 4800
添加主播联系方式:Add anchor contact in 2500
呱~一声 1
汪~一声 2
娇喘一声:啊~ 3
小夹子夹奶头 Pinch the nipple with a 300
弹弓打鲍鱼 Shooting abalone with sl 200
大夹子夹奶头 Big clip for nipples 500
吃芥末:Eating mustard 40
喝醋:Drinking vinegar 40
吃辣椒:Eating chili peppers 40
吃柠檬:Eating lemons 40
跳指压板:Jumping finger pressure p 40
吃盐:Eating salt 40
保护不受罚:Protect from punishment 80
奖励小零食:Reward snacks 188
奖励奶茶:Reward Milk Tea 388
奖励吃糖:Reward for eating candy 99
吃鸡蛋:Eggs 200
接我下班:Pick me up from work 10000
气球做爱:Balloon sex 80
口爆气球 80
气球3P 160
胸爆气球:Chest pop balloons 80
蹲狂浪:Lower Footage 560
乌龟转:Turtle turns 40
喝一瓶牛奶drink a bottle of milk 200
单项解锁高配Unlock high configuratio 40
打屁股:spanking 80
一瓶啤酒:A bottle of beer 500
白酒一盖:A lid of liquor 40
白酒一瓶小1 bottle of liquor small 2000
白酒一瓶大:A bottle of liquor large 8000
柔胸:Soft breasts 40
扯内裤:Rip panties 40
主持唱歌:Host singing 200
电牙齿 40
跳大竹笋 Jumping large bamboo shoo 80
大象鼻子转圈圈 Elephant trunk spinnin 40
弹大腿 Bounce thigh 40
芥末涂人中 Mustard coated human mid 40
吃一包泡面 Eat a packet of instant 500
吃蒜一颗 Eating a Garlic 40
悬空劈叉 Suspended split 80
_BabyTwo is a asian webcam couple broadcasting live adult chat at Stripchat. With a average body, blackeyes eyes, black hair hair - small audience _BabyTwo will amaze you with creativity and passion during live cam shows. It's important to be polite while asking something that you have in mind and don't forget to offer a token tip / reward / gift for all your requests. In live adult shows they like's to dirtytalk, titty fuck, creampie, group sex. Favorite toys: nipple toys. _BabyTwo will blow up you sexual enjoyment & desire with latex fetish. For effective communication with models, it's important to take some actions yourself as well, especially if you both agreed on cam to cam / private session. In live cam shows they speaks in Chinese. In case things are not going as expected, you can always switch to another chat room. We offer a wide variety of chat rooms for you to choose from.

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